On a scale from punk to pop, this is the scale.
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Here’s an aching jam from LA’s Twin Cabins. I’m listening to this at half-volume late at night and it’s uncanny how much Nacho Cano’s ethereal vocal shimmers like a starless sky. If you’re filled with anxiety for whatever reason, kick back and lose yourself in ‘Get Better’ - it packs all the emotional weight a get-well-soon card can carry, but without the wait. 

Tony Molina is probably best known for his work in various Bay Area hardcore bands - not necessarily his big soft pop-punk heart. That’s exactly the side he’s tapping into on Dissed and Dismissed, an album that’s over in 12 minutes and covers just as many tracks in that time. ‘Don’t Come Back’ demonstrates just why Molina’s latest solo effort is so brilliant: did you hear that chugging guitar in there? It’s almost as if someone rerecorded Pinkerton, stripping it down to its bare bones and throwing in rapid-fire bursts of their favourite metal riffs for good measure. 

Dissed and Dismissed is available now through Slumberland Records.

Oh, the irony. “We’re so happy here / we come here everyday” bemoan Bayy, a bunch of sleepyheads consisting of members of the excellent Fear of Men and The Magic Gang. Putting across their lackadaisical states of mind via the drawl of their guitars as well as their vocals, you’d be forgiven for thinking ‘My Best Friend’ is more of an unenthusiastic ode than a heartfelt dedication. Combining the ethereal and infectious elements of their other efforts to create something as charming as it is disconcerting, Bayy are venting their need for strong grunge riffs that they can’t squeeze out of their other projects, and the results are nothing short of delightful.

Don’t just settle for hanging out with these daydreamers though, as Beech Coma Vol. 1 also packs the likes of Home School, Paeris Giles and YOOFS inside its raggedy casing. 

Beech Coma Vol. 1 is available for pre-order now, and will be released on the 14th April through, well, Beech Coma.